Functional Fitness Training & Mindful Technologies




Confidence. Inspiration. Health.

This course will provide you with fresh inspiration, encouragement and expert physical training to motivate you to leap into the next season.


This course will help you find blind spots and uproot mental blockages to get you in your body!


 Reprogram your muscle memory stronger, with vitality, longevity and more  happiness in your fitness practice. 


Easy to follow short exercise flows you can do whenever and wherever you need, to keep your momentum flowing!

Meet your Instructor: Travis Brewer

"I am forever a teacher and a student."

"The 7 functional movement patterns are the core building blocks of my movement practice. I created this course so that others could enter my personal journey with movement- step by step, learning and adapting the biomechanics of these patterns with mindfulness in movement."

AIR SQUAT *remix version

 EXPERIENCE how easy it is to flow with Travis!

All of your new workouts are uniquely designed to transmute a mindful form, centered breathe, impact of movement, muscle awareness and a gamified, light hearted and uplifting vibe.

Each one has a variation that ranges from easy mode to advanced player!

Then later in the course we integrate workouts like the Air Squat into combination flows utilizing all  7 of the functional movement patterns. 

Each begins with an intention setting exercise and ends with a short breathe work exercise and gratitude affirmation.  The flow lasts about 10 minutes, gives instruction on form and variations and will keep you juiced, inspired to move.

We want you to have fun developing new discipline and feel excited to work out!!  Eventually you’ll be able to adapt these body weight movement practices into your day to day life and take them with you everywhere you go, the gym, the park, the beach, vacation, or the office!


Travis Brewer is a fitness ninja and entrepreneur on a mission to spread positive energy through movement. He's been a finalist on the hit TV Show American Ninja Warrior for multiple seasons, performed on the TV Show Shark Tank, a winner in the World Calisthenic Champion “Battle of the Bars” competition, A certified instructor in Animal Flow, Acro Yoga, and was featured as a master instructor on The Tim Ferris Experiment .


Do I need to be a ninja training to join?

This course is about movement, it’s designed for entry level abilities that anyone who can walk can learn and develop. 

How much space is needed?

Adaptation is the name of of the game during this season, but generally speaking a clear space  10 ft. by 10 ft. should be more than enough room do all of the exercises. 

Why is this course only 19 dollars?

For a limited time during Covid 19 we are offering this course at an extreme discount in order invite as many people into Travis’s movement modalities as possible.

Do I need equipment for the course?

The majority of this course is body weight exercise, however  there are a few that use simple equipment like a kettle bell weights. We offer substitutions from around the house and discount codes if you’d like to purchase the equipment.

What is Movement?

Movement clan be classified in many different ways, for this course we are recognizing it as body movement done with the goal of exercise, self expression and/or adventure.

What is Mindfulness?

We believe that the mind is much more than the brain and that body has many ways to communicate.  Put simply mindfulness is a discipline that helps you listen to those subtle sensations.

Mindful In Movement